Mountains & Vineyards Circle Route

View of vineyard near Summerland

(Picture BC photo)



Two hikers admiring the views (Picture BC photo)

Two hikers admiring the views (Picture BC photo)

Panoramic views, varied landscapes, historic sites, wildlife sightings and bird watching opportunities make for fascinating hikes around Summerland.

In the city, walkways follow the shoreline of Okanagan Lake, climb hoodoo-lined gulches, thread among vineyards, peach and cherry orchards and lead to the summit of Giant's Head Mountain.

Further afield, walk sagebrush grasslands, ponderosa pine woodlands, the deep forest of the Thompson Plateau and the shores of high country lakes.

Summerland Trails

Trails follow the path of the fur trade and run along the rail bed of the Kettle Valley Railway, climb mountains and skirt lakeshores. Most are ideal for day hikes (and cycling) although the Trans-Canada Trail is a through-route with a 61km/38mi section between Summerland and Osprey Lake. Trails are frequently travelled and appropriate for self-guided hikes.

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