Mountains & Vineyards Circle Route

View of vineyard near Summerland

(Picture BC photo)


Things to Do

Grapes on a vine (Andrea Johnson photo)

Grapes on a vine (Andrea Johnson photo)

Summerland lies on the shores of Okanagan Lake, a primary focus for outdoor recreation, while the surrounding farmland, highlands and mountains add many more recreational options.

Summerland also offers a selection of historic and cultural attractions.

Natural Sights, Parks & Wildlife

Make a close connection with nature in Summerland. Try spotting a Williamson's sapsucker in the Adams Bird Sanctuary or the resident herd of mountain goats on the rocky bluffs above Highway 97. Learn about the process of stocking high country fishing lakes at the Summerland Trout Hatchery.

Urban green spaces range from the wilderness slopes of Giant's Head Mountain Park, with its sage grasslands and ponderosa pine forest, to the carefully manicured lawns and flowerbeds of Summerland Ornamental Gardens, to the shady picnic areas and hot sands of Summerland beaches.

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