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Winter is a Wonderful Time to View Bighorn Sheep in BC

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Winter is a Wonderful Time to View Bighorn Sheep in BC

One of my favourite winter activities here in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region of BC is going for a winter drive after a slight snow fall, when it becomes easier to see and identify animal tracks. If you get out of your vehicle and go for a snowshoe, you will see a great variety of animal tracks, both large and small. Some of the smaller tracks you may come across are marten, snowshoe hare, and, of course, the little critters such as squirrels, mice, and voles.

Viewing bighorn sheep in BC's Farwell Canyon

Larger tracks include deer, moose, and as is shown in the photograph above, California bighorn sheep. Bighorn sheep live close to the rugged canyon walls above the Fraser and Chilcotin rivers.

Bighorn sheep in BC's Farwell Canyon

Often, I don’t even have to get out of my vehicle. The photograph above made out my driver’s window, shows a sheep walking by, partially obscured by a snow bank.

Bighorn sheep in BC's Farwell Canyon

A few kilometers further, I made another image, this time a small herd as they crossed the road in front of me and ran off across the grasslands.

From Williams Lake, a good drive to take is west toward Riske Creek along Hwy 20, and then south to Farwell Canyon and the Chilcotin River. Wildlife sightings or not, it’s a wonderful and very beautiful drive on a winters day. Good luck!