Cherry blossoms with downtown Vancouver skyline in background | Destination Vancouver/Vision Event Photography Inc.

How to Travel in BC This Spring

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Downtown Vancouver skyline | Destination Vancouver/Vision Event Photography Inc.

This content has been developed with spring 2022 travel conditions in mind. Stay up to date on local health orders and recommendations, spring driving, and more at:

With the weather getting warmer and COVID-19 restrictions easing, now is the time to start planning your spring getaway. Whether you’re thinking about a cultural experience in the city, a hike in the mountains, or a wine-tasting tour through BC’s verdant grape-growing regions, there are important considerations to keep top of mind.

From health regulations and seasonal road conditions to being a respectful and considerate traveller, here are some tips and resources to help make the most of your spring travels.

Road Tripping

While spring is synonymous with lighter jackets and sunnier days, there are parts of BC that continue to experience winter driving conditions at this time of year. If you’ll be venturing north or travelling through the mountains, check Drive BC for up-to-date information on road conditions in areas with inclement weather.

Also note that while highway travel in spring is generally easy and accessible, there are certain mountain passes that may require winter tires or chains as late as April 30, 2022.

Public Health Policies

Travel restrictions are gradually easing off and we are moving closer to life as we once knew it, but there are still policies in place. Wearing a mask in indoor public spaces is now a matter of personal choice (though specific businesses may ask their patrons to continue wearing masks), but until April 8, 2022, be prepared to show your vaccine passports at indoor attractions, events, fitness venues, bars and nightclubs, and at restaurants.

If you’re travelling from outside BC, you can bring your provincial or state vaccination details with photo ID. International travellers can bring their passport and the proof of vaccination used to enter Canada. 

More detailed information on current public health measures can be found here.

Dining Out...Literally

One of the joys of spring is being able to indulge in your favourite cuisine on a patio without having to don gloves and your warmest parka. There’s nothing quite like an al fresco meal paired with a BC wine and a spectacular view. Be sure to book your table in advance, where permitted, and don’t forget your vaccine passport and a mask, which is still required when you are not at your table.

Plan Ahead, Be Flexible, and Remain Patient

After what can feel like an eternity, we are all eager to connect with family and friends over a shared adventure. This means attractions, tour operators, and restaurants may be experiencing greater demand with potentially fewer staff members, and some small businesses may be starting up again after a long break. Remember that there may be some hiccups along the way, but exercising a little patience and offering a kind word can make all the difference in your day, and can help make someone else’s.

Travel Safely

Spending time in BC’s natural spaces is the stuff of vacation dreams. And taking some precautions to ensure a safe trip means peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Planning to venture off the beaten path? Be AdventureSmart, and remember the three Ts: Trip Planning, Training, and Taking the Essentials.

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