Free Diving in BC with @jeremykoreski

Free Diving in BC with Jeremy Koreski

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Tofino-based Instagrammer Jeremy Koreski (@jeremykoreski on Instagram) shares some of his favourite photos from free diving in BC, around Nimmo Bay Resort and Queen Charlotte Strait.

A red urchin in the Queen Charlotte Strait. Photo: @jeremykoreski

“While delicious to eat, the red urchin is also a thing of beauty.”

Steller sea lions in the Great Bear Rainforest. Photo: @jeremykoreski

“Steller sea lions are the grizzly bears of the ocean in the Great Bear Rainforest.”

Sitting around the campfire at Nimmo Bay Resort. Photo: @jeremykoreski

“Inspiring conversation is usually brought on by inspiring places and people. After a long day on the water, it’s nice to set up camp and relax by a fire.” Location: Nimmo Bay Resort

Getting ready for a dive in the Queen Charlotte Strait. Photo: @jeremykoreski

“The one thing more important than good equipment is good safety. Always dive with a friend and know the risks.”

A surface interval during a dive in the Queen Charlotte Strait. Photo: @jeremykoreski

“Surface Intervals and proper ‘breathups’ are integral to a good dive. Education is the key to Freediving.”

Two Puget Sound box crab in the Queen Charlotte Strait. Photo: @jeremykoreski

“Interrupted for a short time, but returned to the wild. It was great to get a closer look at these marvellous Puget Sound box crab. You don’t always have to kill what you find.”

Spearfishing in the Queen Charlotte Strait. Photo: @jeremykoreski

“Sustainability, safety and selective harvesting are the foundations of spearfishing. Dive safe, shoot straight and eat well.”

About Jeremy Koreski:

Growing up in Tofino, Jeremy has spent countless hours in the surf taking photos, but only recently was he introduced to free diving and started shooting underwater. For him, free diving is exciting because as soon as you breath up and take a dive, you never know what you are going to see or find.

To see more of Jeremy’s free diving images, visit or follow him on Instagram at @jeremykoreski.