Fly Fishing in Northern BC with @adriennecomeau

Fly Fishing in Northern BC

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Guest post by Adrienne Comeau

Adrienne Comeau, a fly fishing guide, photographer and instructor for Skeena Spey Riverside Wilderness and Lodge in Northern BC, shares her favourite fly fishing scenes from the north.

Fly fishing on the Skeena River in Northern BC. Photo: @adriennecomeau

“Late afternoon gold as the late afternoon sun and mist rising off the water combine for spectacular light. Skeena means “river of mists” and the river certainly lives up to its name year round.”

Winter fishing in Haida Gwaii. Photo: @adriennecomeau

“Winter fishing in Haida Gwaii during a snowstorm is incredibly beautiful but also dangerous. The snow is wet and heavy, causing branches to break and trees to come crashing into the river.”

A typical Northern BC rainstorm. Photo: @adriennecormeau

“A typical rainstorm in Northern BC. Winter steelhead anglers need to be prepared to get wet. Good waterproof jackets and lightweight layers are essential for spending all day in the rain.”

Steelhead fishing on a Skeena tributary in Northern BC. Photo: @adriennecomeau

“Fighting a chrome winter steelhead on a Skeena tributary. After a long season winter is the time for local guides to get out on the water and fish for themselves.”

A fall sunset on the water in Northern BC. Photo: @adriennecomeau

“A gorgeous late fall sunset on the water. The solitude and tranquillity of fly fishing in the off season in Northern BC is that much more enhanced when the rain or snow lets up and light like this finishes off the day.”

Fishing amongst the beautiful scenery of Northern BC. Photo: @adriennecomeau via Instagram

“Every different bend in the river offers new perspectives of the stunning mountains. Fly fishing such big water can feel overwhelming, but the structure of the river is ideal for it. Fish tend to stay close to shore in softer currents, and are well within range.”


Fishing a small coastal stream in Northern BC. Photo: @adriennecomeau

“The smaller coastal streams in Northern BC offer a more intimate experience. With steeper gradient, these streams are nestled deep in valleys and canyons and require some effort to access.”

About @adriennecomeau:

Adrienne is a BC born and raised photographer, guide and hostess for Skeena Spey Riverside Wilderness & Lodge, a fly fishing outfitter in Terrace, BC dedicated to spey casting for steelhead and chinook salmon. She has been fly fishing for fifteen years and working in the fly fishing industry for over ten of those years as a fly shop bum and guide, as well as a casting and fly tying instructor. In addition to having her photography published in a number of fly fishing magazines and catalogues, Adrienne has also had several articles in print and appeared in several shows. Her passion lies with spey casting for steelhead, but she is happy to cast at anything willing to eat a fly. She is on the pro-staff teams for G.Loomis CanadaHatch Outdoors and Pistil Designs, and is a Grassroots Ambassador for Eddie Bauer.

You can see more of Adrienne’s work on Facebook here and find out more about Skeena Fly Fishing at

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