Deep Diving Adventures in BC with @CoastalBrandon

Deep Diving Adventures in BC with Brandon Wright

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Brandon Wright is a self-described coastal explorer and electrical engineer, he can often be found free diving, surfing and sailing the seas of southern Vancouver Island.

Underwater at Hornby Island

Hornby Island: by far the clearest water I have ever explored in BC. Aptly nicknamed “Little Hawaii,” Hornby boasts spectacular visibility and an abundance of marine life. On this particular August day, the water was warm enough to dive without gloves, boots, or hoods. Location: Tribune Bay, Hornby Island, BC.

Paddling at Macaulay Point

Exploring is way more fun when the adventures are shared with friends and family! This shot of my friend’s son reminds me of a children’s storybook: the little kayaker hasn’t yet noticed the vast kelp forest that thrives beneath the surface. Location: Macaulay Point, Victoria, BC.

Diving underwater at Transit Beach

It doesn’t take much to get out and explore our beautiful ocean; just slap on a wetsuit and jump right in! Here is my friend Andrew on his first-ever snorkelling mission. Without having to dive even 10 feet (3 metre), Andrew spotted bull kelp, moon jellyfish, and rock cod. Location: Transit Beach, Victoria, BC.

Scuba Diving at the Chinese Cemetery

This dive felt like I was on a field trip with a school of curious fish. Regardless of which direction I turned, I was completely encircled by a bustling bait ball. Good thing there weren’t any Orcas nearby! Location: Chinese Cemetery, Victoria, BC.

Underwater Divers at Trail Island

Trial Island is known for its heavy currents and epic ocean creatures. Even though we didn’t encounter any seals or sea lions, my buddy Brett and I still practiced our “Navy Seal” alter-egos. Location: Trial Island, Victoria, BC.

Diving with seaweed at Fleming Beach

Mermaid sighting! It’s not about how deep you dive or how fast you kick; sometimes the best part of free diving is just being free! Location: Fleming Beach, Victoria, BC.

Ten Mile Point Self Portrait

British Columbia has been blessed by the presence of incredible old-growth forests, both on land and in the sea! These kelp forests are pretty spectacular. Location: Ten Mile Point, Victoria, BC.

About Brandon Wright:

Brandon Wright is a hybrid between a coastal explorer and an electrical engineer. When he’s not challenging himself as an international project manager, he can be found free diving, surfing, and sailing the seas of southern Vancouver Island — and photographing them all here: