A Local’s Perspective: Skiing and Ice Climbing Around Whistler

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Looking for a local’s perspective on the best spots for winter adventures around Whistler? This week, photographer and outdoor enthusiast @michaeloverbeck is sharing his favourite places to ski and ice climb.

Skiers hike up Rainbow Mountain in Whistler.

“I’ve lived in Whistler nearly my entire life and I’m grateful that I’ve had hundreds if not thousands of powder days. That said, some of my greatest memories from this valley were spent in the cold and rain with good friends, and strange objectives. On this day, we went on a ski mission on Rainbow Mountain in July.”

Skiing in July! Rainbow Mountain, Whistler.

“When you make the choice to go skiing in July, it’s hard to know what to expect. As we made it near the top of Rainbow Mountain in Whistler, we found a small sliver of snow with grass on either side. After getting back to the meadows below, we switched into hiking shoes for the three hour hike back to the truck. It was completely worth it.”

Ice climbing, Blackomb Mountain., Whistler. Photo: @michaeloverbeck

“For the last few winters, Blackcomb Mountain has had a few incredible crevasses open up which has created beautiful hallways of deep blue ice. We brought ice axes with us to attempt to climb these overhanging walls. @guillaume.otis does a quick test of the ice before getting up on the wall. Quick tip: layer up! It will surprise you how quickly the chill of the ice will get to you while you’re on the wall.”

Hiking in the alpine near Blackomb Mountain, Whistler.

“Every time I find myself in the mountains with @Guillaume.Otis, I’m reminded the importance of pursuing your passions in life. Here, Guillaume works his way up a knife-edge ridge near Blackcomb Mountain during a windy day in the alpine. When spending time in the mountains, nothing is more important than knowledge, experience, and the right equipment.”

Skiing through powder on opening day, Whistler. Photo: @michaeloverbeck

“There’s an interesting comfort in the wild. When the wind is howling, and the snow makes it impossible to see down into the valleys, it feels as though all other things just fall away. This was taken last week with @KaylinRichardson at Whistler Blackomb on the deepest opening day I’ve ever experienced.”

Skiing through powder, Whistler.

“Perhaps my favourite time of the year is early winter. When the cold begins to creep its way into the landscape at Whistler Blackcomb, I find the world simply becomes silent.”

Skiing through glades of powder, Whistler.

“One of my favourite parts about winter is the simplistic visual effect it has on a landscape. It turns a vibrant forest into a monochromatic world of it’s own, with bright whites and deep blues. Here, @JacksonBathgate weaves his way through a tight section of trees just off the peak of Whistler Mountain.”

About @michaeloverbeck:

Michael Overbeck is a Whistler born outdoor photographer. His work focuses on adventure and travel in remote regions around BC and the world; often calling the road home for the better part of a year.

For more of Michael’s work, follow him on in Instagram at @michaeloverbeck or visit his website at www.michaeloverbeck.com.