A BC Wildlife Road Trip with @seanscottphotography

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In late summer, Australian photographer @seanscottphotography set out on an epic 7-day wildlife road trip to Vancouver Island and the Great Bear Rainforest. These are two of the top wildlife viewing areas in BC, and Sean was lucky enough to spot a ton – grizzly bears, bald eagles, orca whales, salmon, seals, and more. Follow along as he shares incredible photos from his adventure through Sooke, Campbell River, Tofino, and Knight Inlet.

A small seal pokes its face out of the water

“I was pretty impressed to see these seals right in front of where I’m staying. I also saw bald eagles and an otter.”

A hiker explores a path lined with tall trees on a sunny day.

Walking amongst giants at East Sooke Park, before heading out on a whale watching trip.

Two breaching orcas.

“It was a pretty wild day out on the water today, but I was so stoked to see my first orca. So much wildlife out here.”

Silhouette of a man standing on a rock on a beach under a dark sky.

Dramatic skies above Sombrio Beach, just outside of Sooke on Vancouver Island.

A man stands on a fallen log, in front of a massive tree.

“This was an 800 year old Douglas Fir tree in one of the beautiful old growth forests in Cathedral Grove.”

A person stands on a large rock in the middle of a rugged beach landscape.

Taking in the rugged beach, stormy skies and surfers at Pacific Rim National Park near Tofino.

Multiple seal lions bask in the sun on a large rock.

Seal lions basking on the rocks during a whale watching trip out of Campbell River.

A breaching orca spouts a spray of water.

“This male resident orca surfaced right beside our boat. Such a beautiful thing to see in the wild.”

A bald eagle perched on a tree.

“I saw humpback whales, bald eagles, Steller sea lions, dolphins, killer whales, bait balls and so many sea birds. It was all set in the most majestic scenery you could imagine.”

An orca’s fin reaches out of the dark ocean.

“These were resident orcas which means they live in the area and eat fish, not other mammals. Amazingly the seals and sea lions can tell the difference and don’t need to be as worried about these guys as the Transient orcas.”

A man stands in front of an orange seaplane.

“You know when the only way to get to a location is by seaplane that something pretty special is going to happen.”

A dense forest and a small collection of buildings in front of a peaceful body of water.

“This is one place I’m definitely coming back to with my family. We even saw grizzly bears on the bank right next to to the lodge.”

A wet grizzly bear cub sticking his tongue out.

“This guy Grizzly bear cub in the wild.”

A majestic bald eagle perched in a pine tree.

“I really love eagles and I have spent as much time photographing them as I have the bears.”

A mother grizzly bear and her two cubs crossing a river.

A couple of cubs, with mom watching over.

A school of salmon.

Knight Inlet is home to an abundant salmon run, which makes for fantastic grizzly bear viewing potential.

Two grizzly bears sit in a rocky river bank.

“The salmon have just started to run so I spent a long time perched up above the river where the bears come down to catch them.”

A bald eagle with its beak wide open is perched in a tree.

“A beautiful bald eagle was watching all the action at the river as the grizzly bears were catching the salmon.”

A grizzly bear stands in a river, eating a salmon.

“Watching this grizzly bear catch and then eat this pink salmon was definitely a highlight.”

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