6 Photos From a Wildlife Road Trip to Coastal BC with @williamdrumm

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Discover BC through the eyes of its locals! Each week we #exploreBC through a different Instagrammer who shares their favourite local spots and experiences.

This week, we’re featuring @williamdrumm. He’ll be sharing some remarkable photos from his 15 day wildlife road trip to coastal BC.

A breaching humpback whale.

“A beautiful humpback whale in full breach in Blackfish Sound with @NimmoBayResort. The whale was most likely trying to communicate with her calf, because after a few breaches and tail slaps, a younger whale suddenly appeared and the two swam away together into the blue. I captured aerial video of the pair in a kelp forest, which I will be sharing here later!”

A grizzly bear eats a salmon on a rocky riverbank.

“Using the weight of her 181 kg (400 lb) body, a female grizzly bear squeezes the eggs, also known as roe, out of a chinook salmon, on the banks of the Atnarko River at @TweedsmuirParkLodge. During the fall, bears in the Great Bear Rainforest are in a state of hyperphagia, eating as much as they possibly can before the cold of winter hits. Thanks to the salmon that return to the forest’s rivers each year, the bears have plenty of food, and mostly eat the choicest and fattiest parts of the salmon, like the roe and brains. @catherinecapon and I were on the banks of the river with our guide Ellie when we witnessed this. At one point the bear looked up seemingly into my eyes, and a had a serious child up my spine!”

A moon jellyfish glows a bright blue.

“A moon jelly pulses gently on a clear scuba dive in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. The jellyfish spawn in mass, so on this dive there were thousands of them in the water column. The waters around BC are teaming with underwater life, thanks to all the nutrients that the currents wash in every tidal cycle. @CatherineCapon and I had amazing 15 m (50 ft) visibility on our scuba dive at Madrona Point.”

Two breaching orcas.

“A transient orca, or killer whale, makes its way up the coast of Vancouver Island. Orcas are my favorite animal; they are intelligent, majestic, family oriented, and the best hunters in the ocean. The waters around @NimmoBayResort have some of the best orca watching in the world. One of the main purposes for @catherinecapon and I’s eco-adventure was to see killer whales, and we were skunked until our final day, when a small pod appeared near the Great Bear Lodge, our final resort.”

A grizzly stands up to its neck in water with a freshly-caught salmon in its mouth.

“With a freshly caught pink salmon between her jaws, and an entourage of flies overhead, a grizzly poses in the Atnarko River near @tweedsmuirparklodge. @catherinecapon and I were lucky enough to watch this grizzly and her cub feed from the relative safety of our drift boat.”

A bald eagle swoops down on a dead salmon floating on the top of the water.

“A bald eagle swoops down to feed on a dead chum salmon near the Great Bear Lodge. Five species of Pacific salmon make an annual breeding migration inland to rivers and streams of the Great Bear Rainforest. Salmon are living fertilizer, feeding the soils and the trees, the mushrooms and birds, and even the bears and the whales and other animals here.”

About @williamdrumm

William Drumm, or Bill, is a Central California based filmmaker and digital storyteller.  He is know for his underwater cinematography and creative approaches to natural-world media creation. To see more of his work, follow him on Instagram here or check out his website here.

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