Salmon Glacier and Granduc Mine

Salmon Glacier near Stewart

(Picture BC photo)



Snowmobiling  (Don Weixl photo)

Snowmobiling (Don Weixl photo)

Stewart's dense coastal snowpack and easily accessible, wide open, uncrowded landscape make it a prime snowmobiling location in Northern British Columbia.

In fact, many pro-snowmobilers have filmed videos here! The incredible amount of snowfall the region receives from mid-November to mid-March ensures a long, sometimes even year round, snowmobiling season.

However, Stewart's relative isolation, which is great for maintaining pristine snowmobiling terrain, also requires that sledders have intermediate-to-advanced skills. Deep alpine bowls and steep glaciers can pose an exhilarating, but nonetheless difficult challenge, and other snowmobilers can be few and far between.

Accessing Snowmobile Terrain

To access Stewart's snowmobile terrain, drive north from Stewart along Highway 37A, crossing the border to Hyder, Alaska, and driving as far as possible on the main road. Depending on the time of year, snow pack, and grooming schedule, the drivable distance along the main road can range from one to several kilometres/miles. From here, head up to the mountains.

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