Salmon Glacier and Granduc Mine

Salmon Glacier near Stewart

(Picture BC photo)



Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

Stewart sits on the tidelands at the top of the Portland Canal, the world's fourth longest fjord, where saltwater fishing is truly exceptional.

The Portland Canal stretches for 145km/90mi until it hits open sea, with Ketchikan to the north and Prince Rupert to the south.

The quiet surroundings and snowy peaks are a perfect background for a day at sea. Prize catches include all five species of Pacific salmon, halibut, shrimp, prawns and crab.

Many anglers will no doubt see wildlife, too – eagles high above, bears and wolves on the shore, and maybe even whales. Freshwater fishing is also an option at Meziadin Lake Provincial Park or the Nass River.

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