Salmon Glacier and Granduc Mine

Salmon Glacier near Stewart

(Picture BC photo)


Stewart Historical Museum (Stewart Historical Museum (Picture BC photo)

Stewart Historical Museum (Stewart Historical Museum (Picture BC photo)

The relative isolation, tranquility, and mountainous, oceanic, and glacial scenery of Stewart (population: 400) are major draws in summer and winter.

In summer, the town's vast wilderness is alive with activity as Alaskan brown grizzlies and black bears peruse local rivers and streams for salmon. Catch a glimpse of these intimidating creatures while bear watching from a safe distance at Fish Creek.

Also in summer, intermediate-to-advanced hikers can challenge Stewart's diverse hiking terrain, while anglers can try for a good day's catch while fishing on the Portland Canal. Winter brings heavy snowfall to Stewart, and with the snow comes opportunities for snowmobiling and heli-skiing.

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