Sparwood River
(Picture BC photo)


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Heritage buildings  (Picture BC photo)

Heritage buildings (Picture BC photo)

Coal has been mined in the Sparwood area since 1899.

Sparwood celebrates its mining heritage with interpretive tours of the Elkview Open Pit Mine, and with walking tours that give visitors a glimpse into a darker past.

Elkview Mine Tours

Board the tour bus at the Visitor Centre for a one and a half hour tour of one of Canada's largest open pit coal mines. This guided tour begins with a short introduction to Sparwood's mining history, and culminates with a visit to a viewing station high above the Elkview Mine.

Gigantic Excavators

The vast scale of this mining operation is hard to imagine in advance. Down in the pit, shovels with a bucket capacity of 43cu m/56cu yd look like toys in a sandbox.

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