Sparwood River
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Hotel room

With one hotel, one motel, a couple of B&Bs and a campground, Sparwood's accommodation choices are somewhat limited.

With the possible exception of hockey tournament weekends, advance reservations are typically not required.

Just south of the village is a commercial campground with easy access to the Sparwood Golf Club. Starting at the entrance to the campground, a popular walking and biking trail circumnavigates the golf course.

Grave Lake Campsites

Remote and light on camping facilities, Grave Lake is midway between Sparwood and Elkford. Access the Grave Lake site via the Line Creek Mine Road. Take the first right after the bridge onto a gravel road. After approximately 4km/2.5mi, turn left and immediately cross the railroad tracks. Follow for approximately 2km/1.25mi, and then turn left to the lake.


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