Sooke Harbour House
(Andrea Johnson photo)


Spas & Wellness

Outdoor massage  (Albert Normandin photo)

Outdoor massage (Albert Normandin photo)

The restless ocean provides no end of restful and restorative spa treatments for Sooke visitors. 

Seaweed collectors pick through the vegetal flotsam and jetsam on the edge of Whiffin Spit outside the Sooke Harbour House. And their salt-infused, supremely healthy and surprisingly tasty finds are promptly sent to spas, cosmetics makers and five-star restaurants throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Bright-green sea lettuce, leathery dulce, iridaea (aka "rainbow seaweed"), rockweed and alaria (which pairs beautifully with wild salmon) are among the catches of the day for the increasingly renowned "seaweed ladies of Sooke" – namely Diane Bernard (responsible for the Outer Coast Seaweeds collection of skin-care products), Christine Hopkins (a French Beach aromatherapist and spa professional) and Amanda Swinimer (who plucks edibles from Muir Creek west of town).

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