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Antiques in a window (David Gluns photo)

Antiques in a window (David Gluns photo)

Sechelt and the surrounding area offer several compact, intriguing museums that bring the Sunshine Coast's culture and history to life.

House of Héwhíwus (House of Chiefs)

The House of Héwhíwus, or House of Chiefs, proudly documents the culture of the Sechelt Nation, who have resided on the Sunshine Coast for thousands of years. Exhibits showcase traditional weaving and salmon-smoking methods, colourful masks and paddles, stone carvings, and more. Performances with live singing and dancing take place in the adjacent Raven's Cry Theatre.

Ask museum staffers about Talaysay Tours, which offers customized kayaking tours in Porpoise Bay Provincial Park, including viewing First Nations pictographs and enjoying traditional meals.

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