Saturna Island Family Estate Winery vineyard
(Andrea Johnson photo)

Saturna Island

Bird Watching

Bald Eagles in a tree

Birds of a feather flock to Saturna Island in great number. Some 180 bird species have been spotted during the island's Audubon Christmas bird count.

Bald eagles and birds of prey wheel high on the updrafts above Mount Warburton Pike, soaring majestically over Brown Ridge and the Saturna Island Family Estate Winery's aptly named Falconridge vineyard. Hummingbirds cluster around the feeders at Saturna Island B&Bs. Songbirds trill happily in sunny gardens. And at least one blue heron and belted kingfisher can usually be found at every waterfront access point.

Seabirds, naturally enough, are the most populous of the species. Birders can expect to see oystercatchers, terns, marbled murrelets, pigeon guillemots, and the lean black silhouettes of cormorants.

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