Saturna Island Family Estate Winery vineyard
(Andrea Johnson photo)

Saturna Island

Things to Do

Sightseers whale watching (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

Sightseers whale watching (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

Solitude, peace, scenic beauty and do-it-yourself indoor and outdoor activities are top of the agenda on Saturna Island.

Smart visitors arrive here with laptops in sleep mode and cell phones holstered. Some bring kayaks, other bikes, and nearly everyone packs good hiking shoes. The mission is a simple one: Rest, relax, recharge.

Water Activities

Kayaking is a leading water activity here on the outside edge of the southern Gulf Islands. Avoiding the strong currents of the Strait of Georgia and Boundary Passage, kayakers hug the coastline while exploring Winter Cove, Breezy Bay, and the naturally carved sandstone formations near East Point. Daytrip to nearby Tumbo Island and camp overnight on Cabbage Island. Rentals and guided trips can be booked with Saturna Sea Kayaking.

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