The Salmon Arm Wharf
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Salmon Arm

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-Country skiing (Dave Heath photo)

Cross-Country skiing (Dave Heath photo)

Champagne powder and moderate winter temperatures make Salmon Arm an ideal destination for cross-country skiing.

Conditions are reliably good from mid-November through to March.

Larch Hills Cross Country Ski Area

Some of BC's best cross-country ski trails are located in the Larch Hills Cross Country Ski Area, 20km/12.4mi from Salmon Arm.

Named for the Larch trees that cover its slopes, (an unusual coniferous species that changes colour to a rich gold in the autumn) this is a pristine wilderness area with silent forest trails and sudden, arresting views of lake and mountain.

Free-heelers love it. Classic or skate, Nordic or telemark, trackset or backcountry - Larch Hills accommodates every style and every skill level. Choose from 87 named trails, rated easy, general or advanced, with 41km/25.5mi trackset and over 98km/61mi unset.

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