The Salmon Arm Wharf
(Picture BC photo)

Salmon Arm


Park in BC (JF Bergeron photo)

Park in BC (JF Bergeron photo)

Five provincial parks are easily accessible within 48km/30mi of Salmon Arm, providing beaches, boat launches, fishing, trails, wildlife viewing opportunities and wilderness access.

Shuswap Lake Marine Park

Shuswap Lake Marine Park is a unique collection of 26 small preserves scattered among the four "arms" of Shuswap Lake. Salmon Arm, Seymour Arm, Anstey Arm and the Shuswap Lake Main Arm form an 'H'-shape with the cross-bar at Cinnemousun Narrows. A few parks are vehicle accessible, but most are boat-access-only.

Even though the lake is a very busy boating area in summer, these parks are so spread out and the Shuswap Highland terrain so steep and forested that it's possible to find beaches, camping, fishing and hiking spots that feel like they're lost in the wilderness. Campsites in the park are rustic and sanitary facilities run to pit toilets. There are no boat launches but the sites have been selected for their sand or gravel shorelines and shallow water approaches, ideal for beaching everything from a kayak to a houseboat.

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