Backcountry skiing at Red Mountain Resort near Rossland

(Dave Heath photo)


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Rossland is located at the junction of Highway 3B and Highway 22, and along the Mountains & Vineyards Circle Route.

Car Travel and Rentals

Exploring Rossland and the surrounding area by vehicle is the most convenient way to get around. The high elevation brings a substantial amount of snowfall during the winter and there are no flat sections, except along Columbia Avenue (Rossland's main street). Highway 22, which leads up to Rossland, is well-developed and maintained, however, snow tires are required on vehicles during the winter season. As the city is built on a mountain (or rather on a side of an ancient volcano), it's not unusual to pass residents using their snow racers (a toboggan with steering wheel and skis) to get around.

Car rentals are available at the Spokane, Kelowna and the Castlegar airports. Car rentals from Trail are available in town, but not at their airport.

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