Mountain biker on a singletrack trail
(Picture BC photo)


Things to Do

Winterlude Festival (Picture BC photo)

Winterlude Festival (Picture BC photo)

Strap on skis, get on a snowmobile, go for a hike, take in a museum, relax in a hot spring or breathe in the beauty of some remarkable national and provincial parks.

Revelstoke appeals to the active and adventurous, and its "open" sign hangs year-round.

Land Activities

Pick up a copy of the Heritage Walking Tour brochure from the Visitor Information Centre on Victoria Road W. Learn about the city's history and heritage by visiting the Revelstoke Museum and Archives, and the Revelstoke Railway Museum located on the other side of the tracks.  

Celebrate a big moment in Canadian history by visiting Craigellachie, where in 1885 the driving of the Last Spike marked the completion of the transcontinental railway. Visit the Revelstoke Nickelodeon Museum to see fantastic mechanical musical instruments. 

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