Skiing through fresh powder

(Red Mountain Resort photo)

Red Mountain Resort


Snowshoeing (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

Snowshoeing (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

Those who find it exhilarating to step softly through nature will want to make tracks to RED Mountain.

Snowshoe Loop

A 1km/0.6mi snowshoe loop at the base of RED Mountain is an ideal route for beginners or those seeking some bracing fresh air. Rentals are available at the resort.

Backcountry Snowshoeing

More ambitious snowshoers can head into RED's backcountry. Discover a captivating landscape of pristine woods, climb to snowy peaks or just meditate while traipsing over unbroken snow.

Practical Points

  • Research, careful planning and avalanche skills training are key to a safe backcountry trip.
  • Before going into backcountry, check local weather forecasts and avalanche conditions. The Canadian Avalanche Association is a good resource.
  • Backcountry snowshoeing requires proper equipment. An avalanche transceiver, avalanche probe, metal avalanche shovel, first aid kit and appropriate layers of clothing are necessary.
  • When travelling in the backcountry, always travel with a group and be prepared with rescue equipment.