Radium Hot Springs as seen from Redstreak Campground Road

(Kris McCauley photo)

Radium Hot Springs

Bird Watching

Bald Eagles in a tree

Radium Hot Springs, with its proximity to the renowned Columbia River Wetlands, makes an excellent base for bird watching.

Come in May to take part in the week-long Wings Over the Rockies bird watching festival in nearby Invermere.

The Columbia River Wetlands

The Columbia River meanders 150km/93mi through sedge meadows and marshes between the Windermere Valley and Golden. This is one of the richest wetland ecosystems in the world, populated by hundreds of species of birds, amphibians and mammals.

Look out for endangered species like the prairie falcon and short eared owl, as well as the northern leopard frog and white sturgeon. The best way to see the wetlands is from the water. Local companies offer this experience with canoe or kayak tours.

Wings Over the Rockies

Based out of the Pynelogs Cultural Centre in Invermere, Wings over the Rockies is a festival celebrating everything ornithological in and around the Columbia River Wetlands. The festival consists of seven days of educational programs and activities throughout the valley. Guided walks reveal sightings of osprey, eagles and lots of waterfowl.

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