Radium Hot Springs as seen from Redstreak Campground Road

(Kris McCauley photo)

Radium Hot Springs

Guest Ranches & Horseback Riding

Horseback riding  (Albert Normandin photo)

Horseback riding (Albert Normandin photo)

There's probably no better way to get around the Radium Hot Springs area than on horseback.

A horse, after all, is way more intelligent than a car or a mountain bike, and usually knows the way home. Riding options in the area range from a one-hour trail ride to a multi-day backcountry adventure and all skill levels are welcome.

Luxor Corrals at Spur Valley

Based just north of Edgewater, about 15 minutes north of Radium Hot Springs, Luxor Corrals offers trail rides from one to two hours in duration. Children aged 10 and up are welcome.

Half of the animals are horses, half are mules – one of which is purported to be a descendent of an animal owned by George Washington. A two-day package is offered during the summer, with overnight accommodation at a hunting cabin on Muledeer Mountain.

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