Radium Hot Springs as seen from Redstreak Campground Road

(Kris McCauley photo)

Radium Hot Springs

Things to Do

Grizzly bear crossing a stream (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

Grizzly bear crossing a stream (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

While soaking in Radium Hot Springs mineral pools is an obvious choice, there are myriad things to do in and around this village.

Try golfing, hiking and horseback riding in summer, to skiing and snowshoeing in winter.

Nearby Columbia River Wetlands are a wildlife viewing and birdwatching dream.

Outdoor Activities

The number one outdoor activity here is golf, but there are many other options. Consider hiking, horseback riding, bird watching or wildlife viewing. Spring and fall, take a walk around the village and commune with the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.

Visit Rolf the woodcarver; his "Home of a Thousand Faces" art shop, complete with resident rooftop goats, is on the south side of Hwy 93, just up from the four-way stop.

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