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Historic & Heritage Sites

Heritage buildings  (Picture BC photo)

Heritage buildings (Picture BC photo)

Quesnel's diverse history has a number of cultural influences.

These include Chentsit'hala Carrier First Nations tradition, Simon Fraser's 19th-century explorations, the 1860s gold rush era and subsequent Chinese immigration, as well as by industries such as mining and fur trading that have prospered along the Fraser and Quesnel Rivers.

Experience these rich cultural influences at Quesnel's 30 historic and heritage sites. Explore the Quesnel & District Museum's 30,000 artifacts, visit the Pioneer Cemetery and Chinese Memorial Cairn, or take a self guided historic and heritage walking tour.

Quesnel & District Museum

The Quesnel & District Museum (705 Carson Ave) contains more than 30,000 artifacts, including arrowheads that are thousands of years old, one of the most important collections of Chinese artifacts in North America, and the reconstructed pioneer Cariboo Home and Village Street, as well as an archive with a research facility and historical book reference section.

The Quesnel & District Museum is located in LeBourdais Park at Quesnel's city centre, home of the Heritage Rose Garden. After exploring the museum's artifacts, check out rare rose varietals, or enjoy a picnic in the park.

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