Downtown Prince George at dusk
(JF Bergeron/Enviro Foto)

Prince George

Things to Do

Sea dooing on Norman Lake in summer (JF Bergeron photo)

Sea dooing on Norman Lake in summer (JF Bergeron photo)

Prince George, a gateway city to the Northern British Columbia region, is an excellent starting point for exploring further north.

Prince George offers the unique opportunity to enjoy the amenities of a city, while finding a variety of wilderness opportunities just minutes away.

Hiking, camping, fishing, golfing and cross-country skiing are just a few outdoor activities that Prince George has to offer. Dogsledding, caving and mountain biking are also possible here. It is also an important regional shopping destination.

Outside the city, more rustic attractions exploring pioneer history and agricultural ways of life can be found, including the heritage sites Huble Homestead and Noah's Arc.

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