Downtown Prince George at dusk
(JF Bergeron/Enviro Foto)

Prince George

Culture & History

The Prince George area was occupied well before Prince George became the city it is today. Carrier First Nations people occupied the region for thousands of years prior to European settlement.

They lived off the land by hunting, trapping, fishing, and building homes from natural resources. The Lheidli T'Enneh (People from the Confluence of Two Rivers) traditional territory presently includes four reserves in the Prince George area.

Alexander Mackenzie and Simon Fraser

Present-day Prince George evolved from a small trading post to the largest city in northern British Columbia. Alexander Mackenzie was the first explorer to travel through the area in 1793, but it was American explorer Simon Fraser who established the original fort in 1807, named Fort George for King George III. The Northwest Company operated Fort George and later merged with the Hudson's Bay trading company.

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