Aerial view of Port McNeill and Broughton Strait
(Picture BC photo)

Port McNeill



Scuba diver

Both the esteemed Cousteau Society and National Geographic undersea photographer, Daniel Doubilet, rank Vancouver Island as one of the finest cold-water diving destinations on the planet. Talk about wonder down under.

Dive Sites

Port McNeill has an abundance of premier dive sites. Sun Fun Divers offers day dives in the Johnstone Strait. They incorporate undersea kelp forests, complex and beautiful marine life, sightseeing and whale-watching.

Dive at Haddington Island to find wolf eel and the elusive lingcod. At Plumper Rock, negotiate a sea kelp forest teeming with fish including lingcod and several species of rockfish. Pearse Islands Underwater Marine Park is a marine life sanctuary awash in underwater wonder. Watch out for a giant Pacific octopus.

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