Cathedral Grove, located off the highway to Port Alberni
(Picture BC photo)

Port Alberni

Things to Do

Two hikers admiring the views (Picture BC photo)

Two hikers admiring the views (Picture BC photo)

Port Alberni is best known as an outdoor adventure location.

The area serves up world-class salt and freshwater fishing (the region's traditional calling card), as well as hiking, mountain biking, and various water activites (swimming, tubing, boating and kayaking included). The area is also home to a set of unique historic sites and museums. 

Land Activities 

Hikers, cyclists, and mountain bikers set their sights on the Log Train Trail, a scenic route that follows an abandoned train track into the Alberni Valley. A tougher challenge is the trek to Della Falls, the highest waterfall in Canada. Internationally renowned Cathedral Grove is home to some of the world's tallest old-growth trees. 

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