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Where to go for local insight and expertise

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Canoeing on Wilderness Lake, Cariboo Chilcotin

Visitor Centre logoIf you’re looking to connect with a local tourism expert, there are more than 100 community-owned Visitor Centres and booths across the province that make up BC’s Visitor Services Network.

Here you can access a wide range of services including personalised trip planning, wayfinding, accommodation reservations, and general information about your destination. Visitor Information Counsellors often extend their services within their communities via mobile or street teams. You can locate a Visitor Centre using our directory below, and during your travels look for the distinctive blue-and-yellow logo.

You can also reach out to us any time on social media for information to help you plan your perfect BC getaway. Contact us at @hellobc, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #exploreBC.

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