Green Lake Road/White Lake Road

View of the Penticton Marina

(Picture BC photo)



Penticton is located in the Okanagan Valley, on a 7km/4.3mi-wide strip of flat land between Okanagan Lake to the north and Skaha Lake to the south.

The Okanagan River, constrained within a man-made channel, connects the two lakes. To the east and west and along the shores of both lakes, residential development mingles with farms, orchards and vineyards that climb the dry lower hillsides and spread across elevated benchlands.

Topography & Terrain

Penticton's topography is often dramatic with massive rock outcrops, towering granite cliffs, like the Skaha Bluffs, and walls of clay pockmarked with bird roosts and eroded into fanciful hoodoos (rock spires). Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir covers the mountainsides that rise to forested highland plateaus. Here the rolling terrain is punctuated by small fishing lakes and the occasional taller peak like Apex Mountain. The Monashee Mountains, in the Columbia Range, lie to the east while the Cascades to the west cause the rain shadow effect that produces the area's semi-arid climate.

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