Dock in Browning Harbour, Pender Islands.

(Adrian Dorst photo)

Pender Islands

Water Activities

View of lake (Picture BC photo)

View of lake (Picture BC photo)

Bays, coves, and rocky beachfronts offer plenty of access to the water along Pender Island's 84km/52mi of shoreline.

Public boat ramps are at Port Browning, Otter Bay, and Thieves Bay. One highlight: The causeway at Thieves Bay, which rates with Mayne Island's East Point Park as the best spot in the Gulf Islands to view Orca whales from dry land.

Beach Access

The Pender Island Visitors' Guide and Map lists 25 ocean access points on North Pender and another 10 on South Pender. The most popular (and that still means only a few people) beaches are Mortimer Spit adjacent to the Pender Canal and Roesland, a former resort south of Otter Bay that's now part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

Starfish and urchins cling to the walls of tidal pools at Gowlland Point on South Pender. Nearby Brooks Point has a stairway down to the beach and an easy access viewpoint. Another cluster of getaway-from-it-all beaches is at the southeast end of Pirates Road on North Pender, notably Wallace Point and Peter Cove.

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