Pemberton farmland
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Farms & Markets

Fresh produce

The rich, fertile soils of Pemberton Valley have long been a precious commodity not least for which, the common potato. Except Pemberton potatoes are far from ordinary.

Spud Valley

Designated a Seed Potato Control area in 1947, the protected, narrow valley keeps many potato viruses out of the area thus enabling growers to produce and ship high quality seed for potato farms all over North America. Nicknamed Spud Valley, the Pemberton Valley has 18 certified growers growing 30 varieties of virus-free potato seed.

Pemberton Farm Produce

Pemberton soils grow more than just tasty tubers. Through the year there are berries, salad greens, root vegetables, beef, honey and herbs. For example, in addition to seed potatoes, Shaw Creek Farm now grows crops such as beans, beets and corn while McEwan's Farm is a top choice for U-Pick berries, especially strawberries.

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