Pemberton farmland
(Picture BC photo)


Things to Do

Heli-skiing (Randy Lincks photo)

Heli-skiing (Randy Lincks photo)

Pemberton delights in providing the 'real' wilderness experience – away from tourist havens yet savvy to visitor needs.

Adventures include jet boating, horseback riding, fishing, championship golf, hiking, mountain biking and rural cycling. Get airborne and go paragliding, soaring or skydiving. Climbers usually head to Green River Bastion, and glaciers such as the Joffre Glacier group appeal to both novice and expert ice climber.

A Year-Round Adventure Playground

Since the Pemberton Valley is 487m/1,600ft lower in elevation than the mountain magnet of Whistler, its warmer micro-climate makes Pemberton such a year round adventure playground that many outdoor outfitters based in Whistler actually operate out of Pemberton.

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