Skier anticipates the next run

(Steph Van de Kemp photo)

Panorama Mountain Resort

Culture & History

Like many of the resorts in the Kootenay Rockies region, Panorama Mountain Resort began as a community initiative.

In this case, however, the end product was planned and developed by professionals with a distinct vision.


In 1959, a group of locals began looking for a location to open a ski hill. It took four years to get the first rope tow in operation accessing the real estate that is now known as "Old Timer." A warming hut and a parking lot were built, and the area was named Panorama, after a nearby hiking area called Panorama Plateau.

When the cost of implementing plans quickly began to exceed available resources, the group turned the operation over to local businessmen, who formed the Panorama Ski Hill Company Ltd in 1968. The company cleared slopes and installed a massive T-Bar, which at the time was among the longest in North America.

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