Ancient Haida poles, Haida Gwaii
(Daryl Benson/Masterfile photo)

Northern British Columbia



Northern BC’s pristine wilderness is captured in its gardens.

Towering Sitka spruces and Douglas firs, scenic ocean views and high mountaintops provide the backdrop for the region’s colourful flower beds.

Enjoy a rest from sightseeing at the Sunken Gardens in Prince Rupert. The gardens contain rows of terraced rock beds filled with flowers and plants, as well as a landscaped grassy lawn. Stroll along the pathway to the top level of the garden and explore the nearby carving shed to see Aboriginal carvers at work.

The “Old Church Gardens” in Smithers has no official name but is a well-known local garden retreat. Located on the grounds of a restored 1913 Anglican Church, the gardens burst with colour and fragrance and wooden benches invite visitors to sit and relax. Participate in a self-guided Culture Crawl (summer months only) to see the gardens as well as other historic sites in Smithers.

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