Ancient Haida poles, Haida Gwaii
(Daryl Benson/Masterfile photo)

Northern British Columbia

Farms & Markets

Fresh produce

Northern British Columbia's bounty of nature is a major economic force for the entire province. This is a mineral-rich land of giant trees, and powerful, plentiful rivers.

Several Northern BC communities offer various agricultural experiences during the summer months of forest operations and mills. The town of Houston, located in the Bulkley Valley on Highway 16 West, is one of several built by the industry. Visitors can tour some of the world's fastest, most efficient sawmills.

Prince George illustrates the industry full circle. While exploring the town and surrounding area, you can spot dozens of greenhouses bulging with fresh green seedlings, then look at the forests where they are planted, tended and harvested. From there it's on to the sawmill. Sawmill wood waste is processed at a pulp mill into materials used for paper products. It's big business in Northern BC, with products sold to customers around the world.

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