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New Westminster

Festivals & Events

Crowd at event (Kevin Arnold photo)

Crowd at event (Kevin Arnold photo)

Few communities support their local festivals and events as enthusiastically as New Westminster does. All year long, this city comes alive with festivals that showcase its diverse history, culture, food, and more.

Hyack and Heritage Festivals

Heritage Week in New Westminster (February) features a different theme each year, like 2008's "Taking Care of Business: Heritage of Trade and Commerce." Walking tours, art contests for children, photography exhibits, and other events are staged for visitors and residents to explore the history of Western Canada's oldest incorporated city.

The Hyack Festival (May) is a colourful nine-day event with amusement park rides, a parade, an antique fair, and a May Day celebration where a May Queen is crowned. The latter tradition dates back to 1870, and always features May Pole dancing, as well as square dancing by the Royal Lancers in Queen's Park.

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