New Westminster Quay
(Picture BC photo)

New Westminster

Historic & Heritage Sites

Heritage buildings  (Picture BC photo)

Heritage buildings (Picture BC photo)

There are nearly 60 designated heritage sites in New Westminster, including heritage homes, churches, court buildings, offices and theatres.

That's not surprising when you consider that this is British Columbia's original provincial capital and oldest city, celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2009. And whether checking out museums, admiring 19th-century architecture, or touring heritage homes, visitors quickly realize how committed New Westminster is to preserving its culture and history.

Irving House

Located next to the New Westminster Museum and Archives, Irving House became the city's first designated heritage site in 1981. This handsome Victorian-era dwelling is the oldest intact house in Metro Vancouver, completed in 1865. It was built with California redwood timbers in the San Francisco-Gothic Revival style.

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