New Westminster Quay
(Picture BC photo)

New Westminster


New Westminster is located at the geographic centre of Metro Vancouver, 20km/12.5mi east of downtown Vancouver.

By car or the Skytrain rapid transit link, it takes less than 30 minutes to travel from downtown Vancouver to New Westminster. Other neighbouring communities include Burnaby to the north, Surrey to the east and Richmond to the southwest.

The city sits on a hillside overlooking the Fraser River; at New Westminster, the Fraser splits into the North Arm and South Arm. New Westminster looks southwest toward the Fraser River Estuary, home to six species of salmon, more than 100 other fish species, and 300-plus bird species, both migratory and resident.

New Westminster also enjoys splendid views of the Golden Ears Mountains to the east and Mount Baker in Washington State to the southeast.

Climate and Landscape

New Westminster's mild temperate rainforest climate is approximately the same as Vancouver's, and the city gets 2,000 hours of sunshine annually. Average daily high temperatures peak at 22°C/72°F) in July and August, and hit 6°C/43°F in December and January. The average annual rainfall is 111cm/43 in.

With 48 city parks amid its hills, New Westminster has 141 ha/350ac of green space, which accounts for close to 10 percent of the city's total area.