New Hazelton and Area

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The Hazelton

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The seven Hazeltons communities are situated on or close to Highway 16.

Flanking the territory are Terrace to the west, and Smithers to the east. Terrace is about an hour and a half drive away, while it takes about an hour to drive to Smithers. The closest big city is Prince George, which is Northern British Columbia's largest city and is 450km/275mi east along Highway 16.

Getting Around the Hazeltons

Each community within the Hazeltons is small and easy to navigate by foot. Energetic visitors can also walk the Eagle Down path that connects the District of New Hazelton, Hagwilget, Gitanmaax, and the Village of Hazelton.

A vehicle is necessary to experience the entire Hazeltons area. Some of the area's attractions, such as the lush Kispiox Valley, are at least a one-hour drive from another community – and that's without stopping for photos, activities, and attractions. Four-by-four and/or snow tires are recommended for the winter, though not always necessary.

Visitors can fly to Terrace, Smithers or Prince George, then rent a vehicle to drive to and around the Hazeltons. None of the Hazeltons communities have an airport or vehicle rentals.

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Transportation & Maps

The Hazeltons