Two hikers on Idaho Peak in the Slocan Valley
(Dave Heath photo)

New Denver

Kayaking & Canoeing

Family kayaking (Dave Heath photo)

Family kayaking (Dave Heath photo)

The dramatic vista of the Valhalla Range rising from shore on the other side of Slocan Lake provides an amazing backdrop for kayaking and canoeing near New Denver.

Sandy beaches with primitive camping facilities are located up and down the west side of the Slocan Lake, making it possible to paddle its entire length (approximately 30km/20mi) over a period of several days. Another option is river kayaking along the Slocan River.

Paddling on Slocan Lake

Beginning at Rosebery, near New Denver, kayak or canoe across the lake to Wee Sandy, Nemo Creek, Evans Creek, or any of the nine available boat-access campsites along Slocan Lake. With Slocan City as a final destination, look for ancient pictographs along the shoreline and head ashore to explore hiking trails that lead to waterfalls and mountain lakes. Campsites are equipped with picnic tables, fire rings, tent pads, outhouses, and food caches. Be sure to store food safely as there is abundant wildlife in this area.

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