Two hikers on Idaho Peak in the Slocan Valley
(Dave Heath photo)

New Denver


Family biking in grasslands (Picture BC photo)

Family biking in grasslands (Picture BC photo)

New Denver and the Slocan Valley are fantastic places to bike, offering both on-road and off-road riding for touring cyclists and beginner mountain bikers. Equipment rentals and guided tours are available in town.

Galena Trail

Dating back to the glory days of the Silvery Slocan, the Galena Trail follows the route of a railway line that once connected the silver mines of Sandon with sternwheeler service from Nakusp to the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) mainline at Revelstoke.

The mountainous terrain is extreme – at one point the trail clings to a ledge along the side of a perilously steep canyon – but the grades are easy enough for beginners to cycle. One highlight along the trail is a cable car crossing of Carpenter Creek. The easiest way to access Galena Trail is to park at Three Forks and allow gravity to do the work. The trail ends down in the valley at Rosebury, 5km/3mi north of New Denver.

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