Vineyards along Okanagan Lake
(Don Weixl photo)


Culture & History

The Village of Naramata has a short but colourful history with chapters contributed by the fur trade, cattle ranching, fruit growing, railway construction, tourism and wine making.

First Nations

When fur traders first sought a route through the Okanagan Valley to connect their posts on the Fraser and Columbia rivers, they found existing trails, long since established by the Okanagan First Nations.

European Arrival

Settlement began in the 1860s, sparked by the Cariboo Gold Rush, when cattlemen driving their herds north to the mining camps realized the potential of the valley's abundant bunchgrass and accessible water. Beef baron Tom Ellis, whose empire eventually encompassed much of the South Okanagan, sent thousands of head of cattle to graze on the land around the delta of Nine Mile Creek (now Naramata Creek).

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