Mumm Basin in Mount Robson Provincial Park

(Veer Incorporated photo)

Mount Robson


Mount Robson Provincial Park is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, immediately west of the British Columbia/Alberta border.

It is about four hours north of Kamloops, three and a half hours east of Prince George, and five hours west of Edmonton, Alberta. The closest communities are Valemount and McBride. Mount Robson Provincial Park is situated in the Rocky Mountains, and is flanked by the Cariboo Mountains and Monashee Mountains.

Mount Robson

Mount Robson, at 3,954m/12,972ft, is the highest peak in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The north side of Mount Robson is heavily glaciated, with an 800m/2,600ft high ice plunge. Most mountaineers attempt to reach the summit via this glacier system. As well, this glaciated area is the start of the Fraser River, which at 1,368km/850mi is the longest waterway in British Columbia. The north side of Mount Robson can be seen from Berg Lake, while the south side is visible from the Yellowhead (Highway 16),

Climate and Weather

Average temperatures in Mount Robson Provincial Park area are moderate. Summer highs reach about 24°C/75°F. In winter, average high temperatures reach -6.7°C/20°F, and lows bottom out at -15.2°C/4.6°F. However, temperatures can vary significantly from day to day, and in the mountains temperatures change dramatically with elevation. Therefore, it is best to dress in layers when participating in outdoor activities.