Mumm Basin in Mount Robson Provincial Park

(Veer Incorporated photo)



Snowmobiling  (Don Weixl photo)

Snowmobiling (Don Weixl photo)

Snowmobile forest trails, alpine bowls, and ridges near McBride – one of the best snowmobiling locales in British Columbia.

The area's varied terrain is suited to beginner, intermediate, and advanced sledders. Snowmobile rentals are available from two operators in town.

In 1998, McBride was named "Favourite Scenic Snowmobiling Area," "Snowmobiling Area You Would Most Like to Ride in Future," and home to "Favourite Snowmobile Tour Operator" by the SnoRiders Choice Awards.

Snowmobiling Areas

Bell Mountain (13km/8mi west of McBride) is an excellent choice for families and beginner-to-intermediate riders. A 12km/7.5mi groomed trail leads right up to high elevation alpine meadows and ridges. Mount Lucille (3km/1.8mi from McBride) is great for all sledding-skill levels and tends to have a longer season than other riding areas. There are 15km/9.3mi of groomed trails.

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