Campbell Point
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Mayne Island


Family biking in grasslands (Picture BC photo)

Family biking in grasslands (Picture BC photo)

Mayne Island is often included in Gulf Islands cycling tours offered by leading North American tour operators.

Credit that to the island's small size, light automobile traffic, and moderately challenging terrain. A circuit route utilizing well-paved main roads covers approximately 18km/11.2 mi and can be comfortably managed in a day.

Circuit Route

Cyclists arriving on the island have two choices once they offload at the Village Bay ferry terminal – south towards the island's steeper terrain or northwest towards Miners Bay and Maine's flatter north side. Biking authorities, however, figure it is wisest to take the latter direction and opt for a clockwise circuit around the island.

After some hard climbs out of Village Bay, the road descends into Miners Bay with its coffeeshop and grocery stores. Georgina Point Road is one of the more scenic routes in the region as it skirts Active Pass. Detour here to the lighthouse for a picnic or carry along Waugh Road to Campbell Bay.

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